A letter to my Ex

You are possibly the worst person I have ever met! You’re a fucking cunt! Yes a fucking cunt! You sucked the life out of me! The past year has just been one big pile of horse shit and you were the fucking anus it stemmed from! You fucking cunt! You absolute fucking cunt! You invaded my life! My life! It’s mine, not yours, you invaded it and made me feel something! For the first time in a long time you made me feel something and you shit all over it, constantly, making me feel like a worthless boil on the arse of humanity. You fucking cunt.

You made me feel loved and wanted, needed. Every time something beautiful was about to develop you found a way to stick a knife between my spine and twist it so deep the blade broke and stuck you fucking bitch! I hate you, I feel so much hate and loathing towards you. Every memory is just jaded, black and white and full of grime.  You always made me the bad guy! I was the bad guy, constantly, every argument and indiscretion was my fault, it was me that did everything wasn’t it? Wasn’t it????! You fucking cunt.

A year of my life wasted on you, even when I put on my rose tinted glasses there covered in scum! Even the nice memories are tainted by you. The worst part of it all isn’t that you acted or treated me the way you did. It was because I let you. I let you degrade me, I let you speak to me like a piece of dirt, I let you walk all over me and why? For nothing, for absolute nothing. I’m thinking clearly now. This is all written in anger, but that’s because it’s been suppressed for so long, it’s clear to me now what you are, you are nothing, you are the bad guy, I will beat this and you will be nothing more than a bad memory…I will rise again

Yours Sincerely

Your Ex


Author: My Forever Now

Still trying to figure that one out ;)

5 thoughts on “A letter to my Ex”

  1. A lot of the time we reflect back to a relationship that was filled but nothing but wasted time and heartache. It’s good now you’re able to realize you deserve better.


    1. Thank you for your comment. Things maybe slightly raw and writing is a cathartic exercise for myself. Time heals and opens doors to new possibilities and horizons. We have all felt anger and been in dark places and i’m sure my feelings have mirrored those of others, but we can all be better versions of our past feelings and there is always hope 🙂


  2. I think there’s been a time in each of our lives when we could’ve been the author of this. Writing is healing and I think this was a big healing session!😃


    1. I think a lot of people can relate to the anger I felt when I wrote this, Although maybe harsh in some places, especially the abundance of the C word, its more a cathartic exercise and I don’t actually bare any ill will towards anyone 🙂

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