I want to die. A short poem

A bold statement I whisper out of my lips as I’m curled up under my blanket.

The soft linen of my bed sheets feel like a prison cell.

My arms are so heavy, they weight more than anything I’ve ever had to carry.

The sunlight cracks through the curtain and punches my eyes.

The longer I lay here, the more I want to die.


Can you hear me scream? Anyone, can you hear me scream with in myself

Constant feelings of shame and self doubt

Ridicule, anger throw in some more

I really don’t want to be in this place, I don’t want to live anymore


Everything’s fine but the feelings remain the same

The consistent circle of loathing and fearful pain

The ugly demons that haunt my mind

hold me closely as I want to die


Author: My Forever Now

Still trying to figure that one out ;)

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