New year, new me…fuck off!

Okay so that headline is some what counter intuitive to one’s self but let me give some context. This may all seem strange but stay with me as it may resonate or at least give you some thought.

Time is endless, infinite it is the one constant in all our lives. The one thing that is certain is that you have time. Billions of us will wake up today with the new year new me bull shit. Let me tell you something, every day is new years’ day! Every day is the start of the new you! Don’t pigeon hole one day of the year to re create yourself. You have the power to start again now and become what you want to be… and now… and now… and now. The past your living in doesn’t exist anymore and the future your creating in your mind has no bearing on what is going on right now. Live in this moment, the moment is now.

I spent this morning reflecting on the last year (2017) going over my blog and realising that I’m self reflecting on a version of myself that doesn’t exist anymore. There for this blog has to die…like the past.

The irony of this post being written on new years’ day, but what better point to start than now. I’m starting a new blog, one’s that’s about my journey, who I am and what I want to achieve. I’m going to try and create a better version of myself and utilise the gifts I was given and learnt a long the way to become a better more well rounded person. It won’t be perfect, but it will be my kind of perfect 🙂

My hope is that I make some friends a long the way and become the man I was always meant to be. Here’s looking to the now, not the future 🙂

Kind Regards



losing control

It’s a strange existence I’m living at the minute, very strange. I’m so exhausted I can’t even tell you. It feels like I’m constantly screaming on the inside but there isn’t even a problem. There is nothing wrong, I keep telling myself that. I keep telling myself all the self help bull shit. I keep going through the breathing exercises, I keep trying to find my focus and I keep trying to motivate myself but I can’t and I don’t want to. I’ve become so anxious about everything I can barely bring myself to talk anymore. Everything is an over thought, every last thing has an analysis process.

My mind work likes a cinematic experience that I’m constantly analysing over and over again. I constantly judging myself about my actions and the way I act, the things I do and say. I’m constantly trying to self correct and present myself as normal and I don’t even know what that is. I’m constantly thinking about all the people that have come and gone in my life. I’m angry and jealous all the time about things that did and did not happen. I can’t let go of the things that did happen or face the reality that I have no control. I dream about the day I’ll feel normal again and have normal things only to let the thoughts and feeling of lose and self control over take me. My mind has never been clear cut, there has never been a clean thought or a direct line to one.

I haven’t felt the human touch of another person in a long time, not just in a sexual sense. I haven’t felt the love of another person warm me nor have I been willing to accept the ones who were willing. I pushed away every one who ever loved me for most of the reasons already stated. I didn’t always feel this way, I didn’t start this way. I was willing to try once. Despite always having residual feelings of of confusion, panic and worry I was always willing to overcome them but not anymore.

For the past year I have lived the same day in and out. I’ve had the same feeling each day in and out. The worst part about everything is every where I turn I just see pain and misery. Even the people I do have in my life all suffer and I can’t even help them. I’m just greeted with the same sad stories and tales of woe. I hate who I am. I don’t know why anymore. I feel so much guilt, I’m the guiltiest person in the world who hasn’t done anything wrong. I just don’t know what’s wrong.

I want to die. A short poem

A bold statement I whisper out of my lips as I’m curled up under my blanket.

The soft linen of my bed sheets feel like a prison cell.

My arms are so heavy, they weight more than anything I’ve ever had to carry.

The sunlight cracks through the curtain and punches my eyes.

The longer I lay here, the more I want to die.


Can you hear me scream? Anyone, can you hear me scream with in myself

Constant feelings of shame and self doubt

Ridicule, anger throw in some more

I really don’t want to be in this place, I don’t want to live anymore


Everything’s fine but the feelings remain the same

The consistent circle of loathing and fearful pain

The ugly demons that haunt my mind

hold me closely as I want to die

An Introduction

Someone once told me that if you write something down it become real. Not in the realms of fantasy, but real life. Let me give that some context. When you write something, it’s no longer just a thought, it’s no longer in your head, it’s not buried within, it has transcended. The best example I can give of this is put pen to paper and see your thought in the real world. It’s now more than it ever was.

My names Tom. This is my introduction to the world, through the medium of text. It’s an outlet, a cathartic exercise, an escape. I’m by no means a professional writer, a scholar or academic. My prowess with the written word is only limited by imagination and ability to form sentences. (not sure if you noticed the name of the page) I’m trying though and for the most part that’s all that matters. I’ve created this page as a means to be creative, talk about the things I like, love, stories, thoughts… Another corner of the internet that may lead to strange paths. For now, this is me saying hello. If you take something, anything from this place I hope it finds you well and maybe we’re not alone on this journey.


Yours Kindly